Nun’s Habits, Clergy Apparel, Vestments, Robes
Vest (bolero) features a self-bias neckline with snap closure, armhole facings

Vest (bolero) features a self-bias neckline with snap closure, armhole facings.

Side opening for access to inner pockets

Side opening for access to inner pockets.

Nun's habit for the Oblate Sisters of Sacred Heart made by SewNwauSewNeau makes habitsfor the Sisters of Notre Dame (SND) (right) and for the Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart (left).

We make new religious clothing from either a pattern, or an existing garment which you provide. Existing garments require disassembly (by us) before they can be used. In most cases, the fabric and notions must also be supplied by you.

If yardage and or notions requirements are unknown, SewNeau can help you determine them.

Blurred Faces?The sisters modeling their habits graciously granted SewNeau the privilege to show them on In exchange they requested their identities to not be revealed.


Alteration services for religious clothing, accessories and Clergy apparel of all types including, Nun's habits, vestments and robes are also provided by SewNeau.

clothing repair and alterations for priests, ministers, rabbis and monks also providedEstimates

Estimates are provided  at no cost by SewNeau for the making of Clergy apparel and religious clothing as well as for their repair and alteration. Contact us for an estimate. All work we perform may be picked-up at our shop during normal business hours. Shipping (if any) is always additional.

Also Serving Secular Needs

SewNeau is a full-service alterations business. Our work is not limited to religious clothing, habits vestments and robes. We provide general sewing and alteration services, tailoring repair and sewing alterations and specialize in custom-fitting formal dresses and gowns.

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Nun's habit made for the Sisters of Notre Dame (SND) made by SewNwau