Cleveland's “No-Stress” Seamstress Since 1984

SewNeau is a full-time, seamstress, alterations and tailoring business, serving a growing number of Greater-Cleveland residents since 1984. In many instances we are now serving second generation family members. It is not uncommon to alter the wedding gown for a woman, who (years later) sends their daughter to us to alter their prom dress. The opposite also has occurred many times.

A growing segment of our business are those in the Armed Forces seeking alterations to their uniforms and the adding or changing rank and patches. This work is exacting. It must done according to specific guidelines established by each military branch, leaving virtually no room for arbitrary decisions. SewNeau has experience with these requirements, having served members of every military branch.

If you can recall “Casual Friday”, then you also are aware how that phenomenon of the early 1990s has grown to encompass how many of us now dress for work every day. Casual clothes are the new dress code for the workplace. While we still are tailoring men's suits, the trend, more and more, is altering and fitting better casual clothes for both men and women.

What do past customers have to say about us? SewNeau's best yardstick for measuring customer satisfaction are their referrals. When a customer is pleased enough to "put their name on the line," we must be doing something right. Please read a few of the Google Review comments from a few of those customers willing to take that extra step. Please note that while anyone can read the reviews, you must be logged in to your Google account to submit one.

Although sewing skills may not be inherited, SewNeau's sewing legacy extends back to skills learned from two generations of Richmond Brothers' 700 Fussy Tailors. Then later almost a decade of administrative experience with Joseph & Feiss. Now add to that the 35+ years working as full-time independent business, to become Cleveland's “No-Stress” Seamstress… SewNeau.