Seamstress, General Sewing Alterations

Hemming, Altering, Repairing, Mending, Patching, Re-style, Re-size Clothing, Garments and WardrobeSeamstress providing sewing and other clothing and garment related alteration and repair services to the Greater Cleveland area.

Personal Service... Alive and Well

SewNeau's personalized sewing and alterations has been bringing back entire families back for two generation Since 1984, SewNeau has served the seamstress, sewing, alteration, clothing repair mending, patching and garment re-styling and dressmaking needs of hundreds of Greater Clevelanders just like you. We operate a fulltime business with a focus on personal service that has been bringing back entire families for two generations.

Seamstress can Re-style or Re-size Clothing, Wardrobe Items

Personal tastes change... styles change... even our bodies change. When change occurs are you faced with having to replace a closet full of clothes? Your wardrobe investment can be significant. Replacement is not the only option. SewNeau re-styles and re-sizes clothing

A garment that has been cared for may be a candidate for re-styling, a new life and a new look for you. SewNeau provides the suggestions and guidance necessary to help you rediscover your wardrobe and save you money over the alternative.

Your satisfaction is most important to us. With any alteration or repair there are limitations as to what can be successfully achieved. SewNeau will always advise you if the desired alteration, adjustment or repair is impractical or is simply, not possible and will suggest alternatives to achieve your goals.

Uniform Sewing, Mending & Repair

SewNeau alters and adds patches to virtually any uniformWork and sports-related uniforms and specialty clothing require alteration too. SewNeau provides sewing-related service to many Cleveland area safety forces, as well as those in the military and martial arts enthusiasts. Find-out more about our uniform alteration and repair service.

Seamstress and general sewing alterations provided by SewNeau