Men’s Tailoring Alterations & Repairs

Men's tailoring, alteration and clothing repair services provided by SewNeau

Hemming, Repairing and Altering Men’s Clothing Tailoring repair and sewing alteration services on pants, slacks, trousers, shirts, suits and sport coats for men in and around Cleveland Ohio.

Your appearance is important. SewNeau helps you make the most of your wardrobe investment

Look & Feel Better in Clothes that Fit

Your appearance is important. Your wardrobe contributes significantly to your self-esteem and the impression you make on others. As experts in Men’s tailoring alterations and clothing repair, we can help.

Cleveland-area men have relied on SewNeau’s sewing expertise for over 20 years. Our fulltime sewing business and personal men’s clothing alteration service is designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Our tailoring seamstress gets your pants hemmed and other clothing repair needs done right.

Tailoring, Alterations Services We Provide

  • Hem, Shorten, Lengthen, Adjust Break - Inseam, Pants, Slacks & Trousers
  • Buttons - Replace or Re-attach
  • Zipper, Fly - Replace
  • Lapels - Repair, Make Smaller
  • Linings in Coats & Suits - Replace or Repair
  • Shirt Sleeves - Shorten
  • Pockets  - Replace or Repair
  • Elbow Patches - Remove, Add or Replace

Re-sizing Your Favorite Clothing After Weight Change

You decided to get back in shape. Now that you have, your clothes no longer fit. When change occurs are you faced with having to replace a all those favorite shirts or pants? Replacement is not always the only option. SewNeau may be able to re-size your clothing. With any alteration or repair there are limitations as to what can be successfully achieved. SewNeau will always advise you if resizing is not possible.

ABUs, ACUs, BDUs, Battle Dress, Army Combat and Airman Battle uniform experienced alterations

First Responder or Military Reservist?

SewNeau also alters uniforms for many Cleveland area safety forces, and those in the military reserve. We have added patches, rank and trim to all uniform classes, for every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Find-out more about our uniform alteration and repair service.

Reserve your own 'stitch in time.' Make an appointment for personalized service

You'll Need an Appointment

Please contact us for more information, or to setup a time just for you. The services we offer are performed in-person at our shop. No drop-ins or waiting. Outside Greater Cleveland? Please contact us for details.