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Alter, Repair, Add Patches to Military, Police, Firefighter & Team Sports Uniforms for both Men & Women Military, police, firefighter, EMS, martial arts, sports teams, private school, commercial uniforms, seamstress, specializing in alteration and custom fitting for Greater Clevelanders for over 20 years.

SewNeau alters and adds patches to virtually any uniformU.S. Armed Forces Uniform Alterations & Repairs

We have altered BDUs, ACUs and Class “A” Dress Uniforms for male and female Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy personnel.

Patches, Insignia, Rank, Special Trim or Accessories

SewNeau does not sell uniform patches, insignia, rank, special trim or accessories. The customer must provide them. As a courtesy to our military we do provide links (next) to online sources for some of these items.

Police, Firefighter, EMS Uniform Alterations & Repairs

We have served members of:

We have experience altering uniforms to accommodate Kevlar body armor, altering various uniform components and changing and adding rank and insignia according to uniform regs for all military service branches and safety forces

SewNeau can alter your uniform to accommodate Kevlar body armor

Martial Arts Studentsrequiring trim color on their Do Boks or Gis should confirm, with their instructor, which color is to be applied. SewNeau proudly served the students of AJ Perry School of Martial Arts for many years.

Mascot Uniform Clothing

SewNeau fashioned new uniforms for Skipper -- the mascot for the Lake County Captains
© Lake County
Captains, used with

Finding anything in a 6X size is difficult. If you are big, green and fuzzy too, it becomes a real challenge. Now, add needing your uniform to match a Class A baseball team and the task is impossible. Skipper, the Lake County Captains mascot, had such a problem.

The Lake County Captains are a Class A affiliate baseball team of the Cleveland Indians. Their Director of Promotions selected SewNeau to fashion two uniforms for Skipper, for the team’s 2009 season. Classic striped, regulation fabric and all the official logos and patches were used for Skipper’s new uniforms. | Press Release |

Also Serving Civilian Needs

SewNeau is a full-service alterations business. Our work is not limited to uniforms. We provide general sewing and alteration services, tailoring repair and sewing alterations and specialize in custom-fitting formal dresses and gowns.

We alter, repair, add patches to work, safety force, military & team sports uniforms